'Experimental Garden – A Conversation on Permafrost' (2021-2023) questions how to visualise the phenomenon of permafrost. 
Permafrost is soil that, as the name suggests, should remain permanently frozen. However, due to climate change, this soil is starting to thaw. This causes greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane to be released into the atmosphere, which in turn accelerates global warming.
The publication contains fifty-eight images made in Arctic regions and text fragments describing a scene without the presence of the scene. Through this, the work exposes the doubts and limitations inherent to documentary making and uncertainty on a societal level towards the topic of climate change. 
[steam from the hot tea merges into the cold air]
- “Permafrost is the foundation upon which life in the Arctic is built, and its thawing threatens to destabilise the entire region. But because it is hidden from view, it is easy to ignore, to dismiss as a problem for another day.”
[measuring equipment beeps three times]
- “But the invisibility is also its greatest danger. It is a reminder that the effects of climate change are not always obvious, that they can be insidious and slow.”
[fieldwork continues]
[barking dog]
Experimental Garden - A Conversation on Permafrost - Publication
Graphic design by Manon Fraser
Edition of 50
Installation view I
Installation view II
Installation view III