Rembert De Prez (b. 1990, BE) is a Belgian artist photographer, who lives and works in Ghent. His work arises from a fascination around the complex relationship between natural and cultural-altered landscapes. Often without distinguishing between the two. He explores documentary strategies that are needed when uncertainty and speculation are hovering around his research question. In this way, his research-based documentary projects become a compass that explores the way to transitional, unfamiliar places. Blurring the boundaries between past and a not remote future, he touches upon the tipping points in shifting landscapes and time. Within his work De Prez wants to create a certain transparency of the documentary form itself and expose the strengths and limitations of the photographic medium. He obtained a master’s in visual arts - photography at School of Arts KASK & Conservatorium in Ghent and was recently awarded with the young talent award Roger De Conynck.
2021-2023 MFA in Visual Arts, School of Arts KASK & Conservatory
2022 Internship at NOUA (Bodø, Norway)
2018-2021 BA in Visual Arts, School of Arts KASK & Conservatory