Rembert De Prez (b. 1990) is a Belgian artist photographer, who lives and works in Ghent. His work arises from a fascination around the complex relationship between natural and man-altered landscapes. In his projects, he allows himself prolonged periods of time in order to thoroughly examine his chosen locations aiming to visualize his research concept. He uses photography to make time tangible, catching its tracks in space and the impact it has on the observed landscapes. In this way, his research-based documentary projects become a compass that guides the way to transitional, unfamiliar places. Blurring the boundaries between past and a not remote future, he touches upon the tipping points in shifting landscapes and time. Within these global themes Rembert wants to create a certain transparency of the documentary form itself and expose the strengths and limitations of the photographic medium. 
2018-2021 BA in Visual Arts, School of Arts KASK & Conservatory
2021-2023 MFA in Visual Arts, School of Arts KASK & Conservatory
2022 Internship at NOUA (Bodø, Norway)